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Timothy R. Botts   |   Creative Scripture in Calligraphy

  • Timothy R. Botts is a master calligrapher, who studied with Arnold Bank at Carnegie-Mellon University as part of his graphic design training. Tim quotes, "Historically, the tradition of calligraphy has been to celebrate the text by embellishing it. In addition to that worthy goal, I seek to portray the words so that the meaning is expressed visually - what I call word pictures. I make use of the principles of graphic design to aid in this communication - color, style, contrast, depth, symbolism and movement - to name a few."

  • Go Tell It on the Mountain | A CD of Images by Timothy R. Botts of calligraphy for Christmas | Christian art for bulletin covers, sermon illustrations, Powerpoint images and Bible study.
    God So Loved the World CD of Images for Lent, Calligraphic scripture by Timothy R. Botts Lent images for Church Powerpoint and Bulletin Covers, available at Eyekons Church Image Bank.
    Calligraphy by Timothy R. Botts
    CD Collections of the Calligraphic Art of Timothy R. Botts offer churches an affordable source for religious art & Christian images. A great visual resource for sermon illustrations, bulletin covers and church powerpoint presentations!
  • Timothy R. Botts, Biblical Scripture in Calligraphy, Luke 23
    Timothy R. Botts, Biblical Scripture in Calligraphy, John 17
    Timothy R. Botts, Biblical Scripture in Calligraphy Lord I want to be a Christian
  • Bulletins - Powerpoint - Web
    Eyekons Church Image Bank features Timothy R. Bott's art as stock images for churches and in an inspired collection of thematic CDs.
  • Philippians 1, by Timothy R. Botts, Biblical Scripture in Calligraphy
    Images for Books, Magazines,
    Brochures, Web & Digital Media
    Eyekons offers Timothy R. Botts's Calligraphic Art as stock images for publishers, designers & advertising agencies.