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Laura James   |   Ethiopian Iconography

  • Laura James is a self-taught painter living and working in New York City. She is a visual storyteller who explores biblical subjects, cultural issues and secular themes through her unique contemporary use of the traditional art of Ethiopian iconography. Her goal is to have her art in churches and public places where black people can actively see themselves included within the stories of the Bible.


    Laura creatively re-contextualizes the Christian message to include all of God's people. This is masterfully done in her 34 paintings for the Book of the Gospel lectionary published in 2000 by LTP. Her biblical paintings visually remind us that, "red or yellow, black and white, they are ALL precious in His sight . . . Jesus loves all the children of the world."

    Laura James Stations of the Cross paintings
    See Laura James & Patricia Brintle discuss "The Stations for Sassier Project"
    The Stations for Sassier Project
    14 Original 16" x 20" Paintings of The Stations of The Cross
    Laura James, painter & Ethiopian iconographer from New York City, is collaborating with From Here To Haiti to paint The 14 Stations of the Cross for St. Jean Baptiste Parish in Sassier, Haiti.
    Patricia Brintle founded From Here to Haiti in 2010 to respond to urgent need to repair churches & public places of worship in Haiti. FHTH seeks to support the faith communities of Haiti and create local employment opportunities through their repair & recovery work.
    The Parish of St. Jean Baptiste, founded in 1996, serves over 10,000 people from a 30 square mile area in rural southwestern Haiti. The Parish church is still recovering from extensive hurricane damage. In areas affected by poverty where life is typically more physically and economically challenging, the need for spiritual elevation is important. Our goal is to offer parish members artwork that is authentic and reflective of their community's valuable heritage.
    Donations will enable Laura to paint “The Stations” and travel to Haiti to install the original paintings in the St. Jean Baptiste Church. Framed reproductions of The Stations will also be donated to St. Gerard Majella parish in Chardonnette and St. Paul parish in Moulines. Please consider a small donation to help reach her goal - each donor will receive a little thank you gift of art from Laura James.
    To Make a Donation Visit:  The Stations for Sassier Project
  • Laura James Guardian Angels, Christian art for bulletin covers, sermon illustrations, Powerpoint images and Bible study.
    Bulletins - Powerpoint - Web
    Eyekons Church Image Bank features Laura James Guardian Angels as stock images for churches.
  • Laura James Guardian Angel Greeting Cards.
    Fine Art Giclee Greeting Cards
    The Guardian Angels series of Greeting Cards by Laura James are great to sharing art with your favorite angel.
  • Laura James Limited Edition Giclee Prints - Miriams Song, David Plays for Saul.
  • Limited Edition Fine Art Prints
    Miriam's Song - Moses and Miriam singing a song of victory and praise after God led Israel out of Egypt.
    David Plays for Saul - David is called to play the harp to soothe Saul when an "evil spirit from the Lord" came upon him.