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Eyekons Artists, Ann Willey, James Fissel, Laura James, Wayne Forte.
An Online Marketplace for Spiritually Inspired Art
Eyekons is a creative resource of art inspired by spiritual insight and religious belief. We feature contemporary artists who explore themes of spirituality, religion and social justice. Our website is a multi-tiered online marketplace that offers media professionals, publishers, pastors, youth ministers and art buyers, a source for original art created from uniquely spiritual perspectives.
Eyekons celebrates the current renaissance in contemporary religious art and draws upon this movement for both our product and our vision. There is a growing demand from art buyers, publishers, graphic designers and the emergent church for art that has spiritual integrity, religious substance and social relevance. This is where we find a spiritual niche in the commercial marketplace.
Eyekons offers you original, innovative and inspiring art. We empower our artists to fulfill their visual calling, both creatively and commercially. Art is the central hub of all of our divisions. Each piece of art finds multiple markets thru our integrated business, offering you, our customer, a wide variety of unique buying experiences. We hope you enjoy exploring our website.
  • The 6 Divisions of Eyekons illustrates the multi-leveled business structure of Eyekons and the multiple markets we offer our customers through our website. Art is sold to our diverse customer base through our 6 divisions. Eyekons Stock Image Bank - Religious stock images for graphic designers and publishers. Eyekons Church Image Bank - Christian art for worship, evangelism and education. Eyekons Online Gallery - Original art for contemporary collectors. Eyekons Giclee Print Collection - Fine art giclee prints and greeting cards for art buyers. Eyekons Books - Art books, posters and cards featuring Eyekons artists. Eyekons Services for Artists - Photography, giclee prints, graphic design and web design to meet the needs of the artist.
  • The Great Catch and many other serigraphs by John August Swanson are available as stock images from Eyekons Stock Image Bank. The Stock Image Bank offers the artwork of contemporary Christian artists as stock images for publishers, graphic designers and advertising agencies.
  • A source of religious stock images for graphic designers, publishers and advertisers. The art is accessed thru our Stock Image Bank and licensed for a reproduction fee to be published in books, brochures, magazines, websites and digital media.
  • Wayne Forte's painting His Wounds, Our Wings is available as a religious stock image from Eyekons Church Image Bank. The Church Image Bank also offers many other paintings and drawings by Wayne Forte and other Christian artists as stock images for churches to be used for bulletin covers, Powerpoint, websites and digital media.
  • Christian stock images for bulletin covers, PowerPoint, publications, websites and digital media. The stock images are formatted for today's technological worship and designed to meet the "visual ministry" needs of both the traditional and contemporary church.
  • Chris Stoffel Overvoorde’s painting 12 Stones in Water is available as a fine art giclee print from Eyekons Giclee Print Collection. Eyekons offers beautiful giclee prints of our finest art. The fine art prints are available in several sizes at affordable prices.
  • Fine art giclee prints & greeting cards of our artist's favorite work. The giclee prints have amazing color, remarkable image quality and outstanding archival permanence. They are produced at the highest level of quality yet offered at affordable prices.
  • The drawing Daily Bread: 3 Nail Course by Steve Prince is available for sale in Eyekons Gallery: an online exhibition space for original, spiritually inspired art. Eyekons Gallery showcases the original art of Steve Prince and many other artists. Their art is available for sale and can be viewed in portfolios, slideshows and online exhibits.
  • An online exhibition space for original, spiritually inspired art. We feature artist's who are part of today's renaissance in contemporary, Christian art. Their art is available for sale and can be viewed in portfolios, slideshows and online exhibits.
  • Edward Riojas' painting of The Prodigal Son is used on the cover of the book The Father and His Two Sons: The Art of Forgiveness published by Eyekons. The Father and His Two Sons presents a collection of art and writings inspired by the parable of the Prodigal Son as told by Jesus in Luke 15:11-32. Eyekons Books offers many other art books, posters and greeting cards featuring the artists of Eyekons.
  • Showcasing creative books that feature our artists and their art. We have books, posters and greeting cards highlighting the art of John Swanson and Eyekons Book "The Father and His Two Sons", a book of art and writings inspired by the parable of the Prodigal Son.
  • James Fissel's painting Tangerine Night is one of many paintings by James Fissel featured on Eyekons website. Eyekons Services for Artists specializes in photography of fine art and making giclee prints from original artwork. Eyekons also offer artists graphic design and web design services. Eyekons is located in Grand Rapids, MI.
  • Specializing in the professional photography of paintings, prints and sculpture and the creation of fine art giclee prints from original artwork. We also offer graphic design and web design oriented to the unique creative needs of the visual artist.