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Prophet, Priest & King

A Series of Woodcuts by Chris Stoffel Overvoorde


“I proposed to produce a series of woodcut prints on the theological concept of “Prophet, Priest & King” as exemplified in the Old Testament. This concept originally came to me from questions and answers thirty-one and thirty-two in the Heidelberg Catechism quoted above. Many image-makers in the past have eloquently confessed their faith as prophets, others have served as priests in providing the congregation with an enriching worship environment, and some have reflected the kingship of Christ in a most splendid manner. The three theological virtues of faith, hope, and love parallel these concepts; prophet – faith ; priest – hope; and king – love.”


~ Chris Stoffel Overvoorde

Prophet Priest & King Collection
Now Available as a Traveling Exhibit for Churches & Colleges
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Prophet Priest & King Collection, A Series of Woodcuts by Chris Stoffel Overvoorde available at Eyekons