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The 6 Divisions of Eyekons
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  • The serigraph Flight Into Egypt by John August Swanson portrays the New Testament story of Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus fleeing King Herod and the Massacre of the Innocents for the safety of Egypt as told in Matthew 2:13-15.
    Publishers, Graphic Designers & Advertising Agencies
    The Eyekons Stock Image Bank is source of religious stock images marketed to communication professionals. The stock images are licensed for a reproduction fee based upon the commercial use of the art. The images are then published in books, magazines, brochures, publications websites and digital media.
    The art is organized into an image bank that can be searched by artist name, image title and keywords. Eyekons focuses on the visual needs of the publishing industry from a uniquely Christian point of view. We move away from the inspirationally expected, offering original stock images with artistic integrity, religious substance and social relevance.
  •       Publishers
          Magazines / Editorial
          Graphic Designers
          Advertising Agencies
          Colleges / Institutions
          Church Publications
  •   Original art for book covers
      Thematic illustrations for stories & articles
      Art that explores current issues, concerns & events
      Diverse styles, varied themes at affordable prices
      Art that speaks to the emergent youth culture
      Ecumenical explorations into liturgical themes
      Images inspired by social justice, mercy & peace
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    Pastors, Youth Directors, Worship Leaders and Educators
    The Church Image Bank offers churches a source of Christian stock images for bulletin covers, Powerpoint, sermon illustrations and websites. The images are formatted for today's technological worship and designed to meet the "visual ministry" needs of both the emergent and traditional church. The Church Stock Images are offered at affordable "church prices" to visually support worship, ministry, evangelism and education.
    The Christian stock images can be easily found in our Church Image Bank by using the Eyekons Search Bar. It enables you to search for stock images that relate to particular religious topics, biblical subjects, Bible verses, theological themes and relevant social issues. The Church Image Bank is a great source of Christian stock images for pastors, youth directors, worship leaders and church educators. The art is also offered in thematic and liturgical CD collections.
  •   Pastors, Priests
      Youth Leaders
      Worship Leader
      Sunday School
  •   Art exploring biblical, pastoral & theological themes
      Powerpoint images for the emergent youth culture
      Visual celebrations of the liturgical church year
      Unique bulletin covers & original illustrations
      Affordable visual resources for youth education
  • The painting Aquele Abraco by Wayne Forte portrays the Bible story of Jacob Wrestling with the Angel of God as told in Genesis 32:22-32. The title Aquele Abraco comes from a Brazilian song and means
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  • The painting The Spirit Ascends by James Fissel is a beautiful example of how James uses the sphere to creatively express his Christian faith. The rising red orb represents the spirit of the risen Christ ascending to heaven on Easter morning.
    Prints & Greeting Cards for Art Buyers, Churches & Businesses
    The Eyekons Giclee Print Collection offers beautiful reproductions of our finest art. Each giclee print is individually made by our full service, in-house printing business. Eyekons offers fine art giclee prints on paper and canvas and a line of giclee greeting cards.
    1. A custom-made inkjet print, created with archival paper & pigment-based inks.
    2. Reproductions of art with remarkable richness of color, outstanding image
        quality and unprecedented archival permanence.
    3. A derivative of the French verb gicler, "to spray," referring to the printing heads
        in inkjet printers that spray ink onto the paper creating these beautiful prints.
    These exquisite prints are a wonderful resource for reasonably priced art for our customers. They provide businesses, churches, interior designers and online art buyers with a unique source for affordable art and spiritually inspired gifts. The Collection features our artist's finest work with prints offered in a range of sizes and prices. The unprecedented quality of giclee prints has created a whole new market for fine art reproductions.
  •       Art Buyers
          Interior Designers
  •   Prints & Greeting Cards as gifts
      A large selection of contemporary liturgical art
      Inspired art in different styles, colors, sizes & themes
      Innovative & affordable visual solutions
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    An Online Exhibition of Original Art for Sale
    The Eyekons Gallery features the Artists who are the creative force behind today's renaissance in contemporary religious art. The Artist's original work is offered for sale in The Gallery and is showcased in Online Exhibits, Portfolios and Slideshows. Our website offers our customers a rich resource for spiritually inspired art. The Gallery provides links to artist's bios, statements, new work and additional portfolios.
    Buyers of religious art are everywhere. The Eyekons Gallery enables us to promote and sell original art to those art buyers, wherever they may be. Through our direct mail and email newsletters, we creatively market to art buyers interested in original art with rich spiritual content, diverse ecumenical themes and original artistic styles. It's a digital marketplace for original art created from uniquely religious perspectives.
  •   Art Buyers
      Interior Designers
  •   A source for original art that explores faith & belief
      Unique collections of liturgical & religious art
      Healing visions from holistic health minded artists
      Inspiring original art for the corporate environment
      A wide choice of art for the contemporary believer
  • The linocut Fishin' in Michigan by Steve Prince is a powerful self portrait inspired by Steve's evangelism among his many friends in Michigan. His studio is called 1 Fish Studios and Fishin' in Michigan portrays his primary spiritual directive: saving the world one fish at a time.
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  • Ed Riojas' painting of The Prodigal Son is used on the cover of book The Father and His Two Sons: The Art of Forgiveness published by Eyekons. It is a powerful portrayal of the parable of the Prodigal Son as told by Jesus in Luke 15:11-32.
    Art Books - Posters - Greeting Cards
    Eyekons Publishing
    The Father & His Two Sons: The Art of Forgiveness
    We proudly present our first book, published in collaboration with Calvin Institute of Christian Worship and the Calvin Seminary Center for Excellence in Preaching. "The Father & His Two Sons" showcases the Larry & Mary Gerbens Collection of original art inspired by the parable of the Prodigal Son. It features writings by the artists and reflections by Larry Gerbens. More books will be coming soon!
       "The Story of Ruth: 12 Moments in Every Woman's Life"
           by Joan Chittister, Art by John August Swanson
       "Saint Francis"
           by Marie Dennis, Art by John August Swanson
       "Millennium Day Book" - Art by John August Swanson
           A Beautiful Day Planner, Organized by Weeks
           Filled with the Art of John August Swanson         >   Eyekons Art Books
    Posters and Greeting Cards   featuring John Swanson's most popular serigraphs.
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    Photography, Giclee Printing & Design
    Phil Schaafsma was a professional photographer for 25 years before starting Eyekons. He brings those years of experience to the photography of paintings, fine art & sculpture. Each piece of art is individually lit to accentuate its distinct, original qualities. The photo is proofed on paper until the color, contrast and tonal values match the original artwork. The file is then ready for commercial reproduction, fine art printing or a website gallery.    >  Photo Services
    Eyekons specializes in fine art giclee prints of original art. We pride ourselves in the high quality of our beautiful prints. The giclee process offers artists a truly remarkable way to reproduce their work. Each giclee print is individually made, and special care is given to matching the unique qualities of the original art. Prints are offered on 100% acid free fine art paper or canvas, packaged in clear sleeves and ready to sell.    >  Custom Giclee Prints
    Graphic Design
    Amy McKay ran her own graphic design business for 20 years before starting Eyekons. She does wonderfully creative design oriented towards the unique needs of the visual artist. She specializes in postcards, invitations, signage and brochures. As well she can design and produce a full book for you. Call to see her portfolio.
    Web Design
    Eyekons offers the distinctive design and development of websites that feature art, images and e-commerce. Amy does the design and development, Phil does the writing and Search Engine Optimization. Together they create beautiful and effective web sites that are functional and user friendly. And they are Google Webmasters who can help you and your art be found throughout the world wide web.
  • The painting Alberta Late Night by Chris Stoffel Overvoorde is part of a series of dramatic landscapes painted on the Alberta prairie. The paintings feature the endless highways and vast skies of the Alberta landscape.