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What is the Stock Image Bank

Creative Stock Images for Publishers, Designers & Advertisers


A Commercial Market for Religious Art

The Eyekons Stock Image Bank is a source of contemporary religious stock images marketed to media professionals. The stock images are licensed for a reproduction fee based upon the commercial use of the art. The images are then published in books, brochures, magazines, websites and digital media.


Register as a Stock Image Bank Customer

You need to Register as a commercial customer to purchase our stock images. You must also agree with our Stock Image Bank License Agreement and our Site Usage Agreement. Click To Register and follow the easy directions to set up your commercial account. Or contact us and we will be happy to help: 616-235-2929 or


The art is organized into an image bank that can be SEARCHED by artist name and/or thematic keywords. Our images are richly keyworded so be creative in your use of Keywords and let our Search Bar find images to meet your visual needs. We offer tips & suggestions in How To Search for Images.


Custom Stock Image Search

If you can't find the stock images you're looking for, contact us and let us help. We specialize in hard to find stock images to illustrate difficult themes. Challenge us to find the appropriate stock image for that really demanding job. Send us your specs and let us do a Custom Stock Image Search for you. There's no extra charge!


Creative Spiritual Stock Images

Eyekons focuses on the visual needs of the graphic arts industry from a uniquely Christian point of view. We move away from the inspirationally expected, offering original stock images with artistic integrity, religious substance and social relevance. This is our spiritual niche in the commercial marketplace.