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Eyekons Gallery   Original Art for Sale


Serigraphs by John Swanson  |  Linocuts by Steve Prince


Eyekons Gallery offers the spirituality unexpected in origial art. Our artists express their vision of faith more implicitly than explicitly. It is Christian art with creative maturity and artistic integrity - religious art filled with substance, relevance and meaning. We invite you to explore this unique, contemporary art where personal faith finds visual expression and beauty saves the world.

  • The Last Supper, by John August Swanson, Original Art Serigraphs for Sale
    The Last Supper
  • Psalm 85, by John August Swanson, Original Art Serigraphs for Sale
    Psalm 85
    Master printmaker John Swanson's medium is the serigraph, an intricate form of silk-screen. His work is influenced by Persian & medieval miniatures, iconography, folk art and the Mexican muralists.
    His narrative art explores Bible stories, social justice & themes of communal life. John is a visual storyteller who reveals the sacred in the ordinary and celebrates the inherent wonder of everyday life.
    John Swanson Serigraphs for Sale
    Linoleum Prints
    Linocuts & woodcuts are the creative medium of Steve Prince. With line, shape & form he creates powerfully narrative images that explore history, popular culture, faith & social justice.
    Through his uniquely symbolic style, Steve weaves a visual story on multiple levels with many meanings. His richly metaphoric art presents a vision founded in faith, hope and reconciliation
    Steve Prince Linocuts for Sale
  • The linoleum print
    Living Epistle
  • The linoleum print
    Second Line