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  • "Psalm 23," a serigraph by John August Swanson available for sale at Eyekons Gallery
  • The linoleum print "Saved" by New Orleans artist Steve Prince is from his series "Icarus Avenue," a narrative sequence of linocuts showing the character Jessey and her Christian walk to Calvary. "Saved" portrays Jessey finishing her journey and finding her salvation. It is the final image in Icarus Avenue. The wood cut - linocut print "Saved" by Steve Prince is for sale from Eyekons Gallery, a source for Christian Art - Religious Art - Biblical Art.

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    Eyekons Gallery is a source of Christian art with creative maturity and artistic integrity. It is religious art filled with substance, relevance and meaning. We offer the art for sale through our online gallery. It features beautiful porfolios of art along with information about the artist and their work.


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    Eyekons features artists who explore religion, spirituality and social justice. They make religious paintings, Christian images, Biblical art, spiritual art, church art. Call it what you like, Eyekons is about a Christian vision finding visual expression. It's about original, contemporary art created through the unique eyes of faith.