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    Finding Stock Images to Illustrate Challenging Subjects, Themes & Ideas


    In building the Eyekons website, we have developed a large reservoir of visual resources. We have built relationships with many artists who explore a wide variety of religious, cultural and emotional themes. They each create art with their own artistic style and creative vision. Let us use our creative resources to find stock images to illustrate your most difficult and demanding subjects.


    Our specialty is contemporary art that explores religion, spirituality and social justice. As well we can find stock images that illuminate psychological themes, address cultural issues and probe contemporary topics. Our artists are also inspired by the many issues and ideas that are shaping our contemporary world. Their art can creatively illustrate many of the unique themes in today's global culture.

    Challenge us to find stock images to illustrate your most demanding themes.
    There's no extra chargefor the service.    CONTACT US:  616-235-2929

    Here's a list of our favorite themes:


    Creative Integrity:    Art with religious substance, spiritual content & social relevance


    Cultural Diversity:    Art with a global perspective on religion & the journey of faith


    Ecumenical Art:    Images reflecting the world's many religious & faith traditions


    Emergent Images:    Art that explores the issues & concerns of today's youth culture


    Liturgical Art:    Images that visually celebrate the holidays of the church year


    Psychology:    Art that illuminates feelings & emotions: conflict, family, grief, growth,

    healing, joy, love, shame, reconciliation, relationship, wholeness, etc.


    Religious Ideas:    Art illustrating biblical themes: brokenness, covenant, faith, forgiveness,

    grace, justice, praise, prayer, sacrifice, sin, revelation, etc.


    Social Justice:    Art exploring faith, justice & mercy in our contemporary culture