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Professional Photography for Artists


Specializing in the Photography of Fine Art

Paintings | Prints | Fabric Art | Sculpture | Installations | 3-D


Eyekons, located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, offers artists a great source for creative photography.


Phil Schaafsma was a professional photographer for 25 years before starting Eyekons. He brings those years of experience to the photography of paintings, fine art, fabric art and sculpture. Lighting art is his specialty. He creatively uses light to capture the unique character of the original art. Special attention is paid to image detail, tonal range and color accuracy. The goal is a digital file that embodies the original spirit of the art.


Each piece of art is individually lit in order to accentuate its distinct qualities, avoid reflections and achieve the best image quality. The photograph is carefully formatted, color corrected and cropped. The image is proofed on paper until the color, contrast and tonal values match the original artwork. The file is burned to a disc and is ready for commercial reproduction, fine art printing or a website gallery.

Digital Capture from Original Artwork:    $ 75 - $ 125
High Resolution Digital Capture and Image formatting.
Color Corrected Proof:    $ 30
Color Accurate Proof on paper, matching original artwork.
Final image provided on disk.
Professional Retouching:    $ 60 per hour
Optional Computer Retouching if necessary
to retouch or clean up the digital file.
CONTACT :   Amy at 616-235-2929 or
Eyekons Professional Photography Services specializes in the photography of paintings, fine art, sculpture and fabric art. Located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Eyekons offers West Michigan artists a photography service that focuses on the reproduction of original art.