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Giclee Fine Art Printmaking

Beautiful Reproductions at Affordable Prices


Eyekons, located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, offers artists a great source for giclee prints.


Eyekons specializes in fine art giclee prints of original art. We pride ourselves in the high quality of our beautiful fine art prints. The giclee process offers artists a truly remarkable way to reproduce their work. Each giclee print is individually made, and special care is given to matching the unique qualities of the original art. Prints are offered on 100% acid free fine art paper or canvas, packaged in clear sleeves and ready to sell.


A "giclee print" is a custom made, digital print, produced on high quality fine art paper or canvas with archival, pigment based inks. The giclee process creates prints with extremely accurate color, exceptional image quality and unprecedented archival permanence. The ability to precisely match the color, contrast and tonal range of the original art has created a whole new market for fine art prints.

CONTACT:   Amy at 616-235-2929 or    MAP TO EYEKONS
  • Fine Art Prints on Paper
    Sizes listed are paper sizes. Custom sizes available.
    There is a 1"-2" border surrounding the image.
    Choose from a selection of fine art papers.
    SIZE              1 - 5 PRINTS          6-20 PRINTS
    8.5 x 11          $ 20 each               $ 15 each
    11 x 14           $ 30                         $ 25
    17 x 22           $ 60                         $ 50
    20 x 24           $ 90                         $ 70
    24 x 30           $ 110                       $ 90
    24 x 36           $ 120                       $ 95
    30 x 40           $ 160                       $ 135
    44 x 36           $ 180                       $ 150
  • Fine Art Prints on Canvas
    Sizes listed are image sizes.
    Custom sizes available, based on proportions of original art.
    Discounts given for quantities.
    SIZE              STRETCHED          UN-STRETCHED
                                                              H + W x $2.75
    10 x 14           $ 96 each                  $ 66 each
    12 x 18           $ 112                          $ 82
    16 x 20           $ 140                          $ 99
    20 x 24           $ 160                          $ 121
    24 x 30           $ 198                          $ 148
    24 x 36           $ 220                          $ 165
    30 x 36           $ 240                          $ 181

    The term "giclee" (jhee-clay) is derived from the French verb gicler, meaning "to spray." The word references the amazing hi-rez inkjet printing heads that spray ink onto the paper creating these amazing prints. It's a branding term used to separate fine art digital printmaking from other commercial or amateur printing processes.

    Qualities that make a giclee print truly unique:

    Continuous Tone Color

    Giclee Prints are made with a continuous tone printing process that create images with superb detail and a very even, extended tonal range with no half-tone dots.


    Seven Color Printing Process

    Giclee printing is a seven color digital printing process. This technology provides creative control in printing that was previously unattainable.


    Extended Color / Tonal Range

    The giclee process has an 11 stop dynamic range. The prints have a very wide "color gamut" with an extended tonal range. This produces images with richer detail in the darks, wide mid-range values and extended detail in the highlights.


    Archival Pigment Based Inks

    Giclee prints are made with pigment based inks that have an archival durability unmatched in the history of printing. Giclee prints will maintain their color accuracy and image stability for 150+ years.


    Archival Fine Art Substrates

    Giclee prints are made on paper and canvas that are made from 100% acid free, pH buffered cotton. Their luxurious weight, texture and finish give giclee prints a true "museum quality" feel and appearance.

    CONTACT:  Amy at 616-235-2929 or   to create beautiful giclee prints of your art!