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Why Buy a Giclee Print
A New Market for Fine Art Reproductions
The Giclee process creates prints with unprecedented color accuracy, image quality and archival permanence. It is an Artist's dream come true: an affordable way to make reproductions of art that come extremely close to matching the original. The beautiful qualities of Giclee prints have created a whole new market for fine art reproductions.
5 Reasons to Buy a Giclee Print
SUPERB REPRODUCTIONS: Never before has there been a printing process that creates such remarkable reproductions of original art. The prints have beautiful highlights, extended mid-tones and rich shadow values. The accurate color, wide tonal range and outstanding detail of the prints come close to matching the image quality of the original artwork.
ARCHIVAL PERMANENCE: Giclee prints are created with a 7-color printing process using pigment-based inks. The prints are made on 100% acid free, ph buffered paper and canvas. The fine art paper & canvas combined with the pigment-based ink have an archival color stability of 150 years. Your giclee prints will last for generations if properly protected and cared for.
EXTRAORDINARY PRINTING SUBSTRATES: The Giclee fine art paper and canvas are made from 100% acid free, ph buffered cotton with coatings specifically developed for the new pigment-based inks. Their luxurious weight, texture and finish of the fine art paper and canvas give giclee prints a true "museum quality" feel and appearance.
DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY meets TRADITIONAL PRINTMAKING: Each giclee print is custom-made combining state of the art digital technology with traditional printmaking skills. Our master photographer/printer, Phil Schaafsma, personally formats, color corrects and prints each image. Phil's many years of printing experience is evident in each print he makes.
COLLECTABLE: Giclee prints meet the discerning print collector's standards for color, image quality and image stability. In the art world giclee prints are gaining in investment values. Their superb beauty and unparalleled archival permanence cause them to become a collectible commodity in the market for fine art prints.