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What is a Giclee Print
Affordable Fine Art Reproductions
The Eyekons Giclee Print Collection offers beautiful reproductions of our favorite art. Each giclee print is carefully made by Custom Printing Services, our in-house, photography and giclee printing lab. Eyekons offers fine art giclee prints on paper and canvas, as well as a complete line of giclee greeting cards.
This unique collection features beautiful prints & greeting cards of our Artist's finest work. It's a wonderful source for inspired gifts. The unprecedented quality of giclee prints has created a whole new market for fine art reproductions.
  • 1. A custom-made inkjet print, archival paper & pigment-based inks.
  • 2. Reproductions of art, remarkable richness of color, outstanding image
  •     quality, unprecedented archival permanence.
  • 3. A derivative of the French verb gicler, "to spray," referring to the printing heads
  •     in inkjet printers that spray ink onto the paper creating these beautiful prints.
    Qualities that Make a Giclee Print Truly Remarkable
    CONTINUOUS TONE COLOR: The continuous tone giclee printing process creates images with superb detail, remarkable image quality and a very even, extended tonal range with no half-tone dots.
    SEVEN COLOR PRINTING PROCESS: The new pigment based inks and revolutionary digital printing heads, create prints with exceptional color accuracy, outstanding detail and unprecedented archival stability.
    EXTENDED COLOR RANGE: Traditional printing has a 5-6 stop dynamic range. The Giclee process has an 11 stop dynamic range resulting in prints with a very wide "color gamut," richer darks, wide mid-range values and expanded highlight detail.
    ARCHIVAL STABILITY: The newly developed pigment based inks and fine art media create prints with an archival durability unmatched in the history of printing. The prints maintain their color accuracy & image stability for 150+ years.
    FINE ART SUBSTRATES: Giclee are printed on paper & canvas that are made from 100% acid free, pH buffered cotton. Their luxurious weight, texture and finish give giclee prints a true "museum quality" feel & appearance.