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Licensing, Copyright, & the Church


Licensing Images to the Church

The Eyekons Church Image Bank is an online source of Christian stock images offered exclusively to churches. The Reproduction Rights of the art is licensed, not sold, to the church. The license gives you unlimited use of the image within your church community. The image cannot be used in any commercial way outside of your church.


Respect the Copyright of the Artist

The contemporary church has paid little attention to the copyright of art. Images are typically copied, borrowed and used with no compensation or recognition of the artist. We ask that you respect the copyright of the artist and purchase the images you use. It's great art for great prices. License images and support the artists in their work.


Copyright: Title © Year Artist | Eyekons

All of our images are registered with the U.S. Copyright Office and receive full protection under U.S. & International copyright law. The following credit line must appear next to any Image used in print, PowerPoint or digital media:

-  Image Title   © Year   Artist Name   |   Eyekons


Once You License an Image:

• You can use it as many times as you like, for as long as you like

• The image can only be used within the church

• The image cannot be used in any commercial way


Agree to the Church Image Bank License

• Use the images exclusively within your church

• Do not use images in any commercial way outside of the church


Agree to the Site Usage Agreement

• Respect the copyright of the images on our website

• Do not copy images from our website & use them without permission