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How to Order Church Stock Images
Search for Images
1. Use the SEARCH BAR above to begin your search:

- Choose an "Artist", or enter "Keyword" and click SEARCH

- You will see Thumbnail images of your Search Results

- See How to Search for Images for more info

2. Click on a thumbnail to view larger image and get prices

- Lists artist name, title, description and pricing info

3. Choose appropriate size of image file needed

- Available in 3 sizes/prices:

    Web Use           $   9.99    4" at 72dpi

    Powerpoint        $ 14.99     6" at 92dpi

    Bulletin Covers   $ 24.99    8" at 300dpi

4. Purchase Images

- Click "Add to Cart"and the image will be placed in your shopping cart

- Proceed through the check-out process

5. Delivery of Images

- Once we receive your order, your images will be promptly emailed to you

Call or email with any questions: Toll Free: 1-855-677-2929
Coming Soon: Direct Online Ordering with Immediate Image Download!