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John August Swanson poster of The Rainbow for sale at Eyekons Gallery,
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    The poster of The Rainbow by John August Swanson shows Noah and his family celebrating the end of the flood as God sets a rainbow in the clouds as a sign of His new covenant with mankind as told in Genesis 9. The John August Swanson poster of The Rainbow is for sale from Eyekons Gallery,

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    The Rainbow


    The John August Swanson poster of The Rainbow portrays the joyous celebration by Noah and his family after the flood is over. As told in Genesis 9, Noah has made a sacrifice to God and in response God "sets a rainbow in the clouds" as a sign of his new covenant with Noah and all mankind. The vibrant color, shape and form of this serigraph all combine in a visual celebration of this great moment in biblical history. The Rainbow is a truly wonderful image of joy, hope and renewal.

    Poster Size: 20" x 16"
  • Price - $ 20
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