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Eyekons Gallery: John August Swanson poster of The Flood for sale at Eyekons Gallery,
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    The poster of The Flood by John August Swanson portrays the story from Genesis 8 when Noah releases a dove to see if the water had receded after the flood. The John Swanson poster of The Flood is for sale from Eyekons Gallery,

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    The Flood


    The John August Swanson poster of The Flood is a playful portrayal of the story of Noah and the Flood as told in Genesis 6-9. Noah stands atop the ark and releases a dove into the air to find out if the waters of the flood have receded. This serigraph is based on an original scaffitto painting that was made using crayons. The "crayola" color and primitive style combine to create a spirited illustration of this Old Testament story of hope and renewal. A great poster for Children's Worship or Sunday School.

    Poster Size: 20" x 16"
  • Price - $ 20
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