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    The John August Swanson serigraph "Papageno" is for sale from Eyekons Gallery. The serigraph "Papageno" by John Swanson portrays the clown from Mozarts opera The Magic Flute. Joan Prefontaine writes, "Papageno" is a guileless bird-catcher with many foibles. His many weaknesses cause us to identify with him. "Papageno" is a clown of liberation, someone who frees our captured spirit-birds into worlds of greater promise." Eyekons is a source for Christian art, religious art, biblical art and church art.
    John August Swanson     HAND-PRINTED SERIGRAPHS
    John Swanson's serigraph Papageno portrays the comic figure from Mozart's opera The Magic Flute. Papageno gave John Swanson the opportunity to unite his memories of the circus with his love of the opera. He writes, "The clown Papageno is the spirit of the opera's character. He manifests a playfulness & innocence. Pagageno decides to release all his captive friends and opens the golden cages. The birds are drawn to him and perch on him in tree-like fashion. His colorful suit is like an assemblage of assorted feathers bestowed upon him by his friends, the birds."
    2008  |  Edition of 170  |  31 Color Stencils
    Image Size: 18" x 12"
    Paper Size: 24" x 18"
    Paper: 100% cotton rag, acid free
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