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John August Swanson poster of Psalm 85 for sale at Eyekons Gallery at
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    The poster of Psalm 85 by John August Swanson illustrates the hope and promise God extolled in the psalm,

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    Psalm 85


    The John August Swanson poster of Psalm 85 is from a serigraph he printed in 2003. It's inspired by the hope and promise God proclaimed when he said, "Justice and Peace shall kiss, Truth shall spring out of the earth, Kindness and Truth shall meet, and Justice shall look down from the heavens." John writes, "Each time I read Psalm 85, I visualize the poetry of the words and the hope they make me feel about living. The opportunity to hear and read these words, leads us from reverence to restoration and refreshes our spirit."

    Poster Size: 24" x 30"
  • Price - $ 25
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