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John August Swanson poster of Power to the People for sale at Eyekons Gallery,
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    The poster of Power to the People is for sale from Eyekons Gallery, John August Swanson's poster of Power to the People is a testament to his belief in community and the power, support and love found in working together.

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    Power to the People


    The poster of Power to the People by John August Swanson is a visual testament to John's belief in the unity, support and love people find in working together as a community. On the left is the lonely unemployed man. In the newspaper he reads of a march happening in his neighborhood. He joins the gathering and discovers the wonderful web of support found when people work together. This image is about unity and peace and the power people find as they work together to rebuild and renew their community.

    Poster Size: 24" x 36"
  • Price - $ 25
    Posters delivered in 2-3 days
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    For any questions, or to learn more about John's art,
    Contact:   Amy McKay   |   616-235-2929