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John August Swanson Advent Triptych poster Epiphany, Nativity and Shepherds, is for sale at Eyekons Gallery:
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    The Advent Triptych poster by John August Swanson - resource for A Thrill of Hope DVD, features his serigraphs of Epiphany, Nativity and Shepherds and beautifully illustrates the Christmas story. The John August Swanson Advent poster is for sale from Eyekons Gallery,

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    Advent Triptych Poster  for A Thrill of Hope DVD


    This beautiful Advent Triptych Poster by John August Swanson features his serigraphs Epiphany, Nativity and Shepherds, and nicely complements A Thrill of Hope DVD. The poster illustrates the Christmas story showing the Journey of the Magi, the Nativity in Bethlehem and the Adoration of the Shepherds. It's a wonderful visual celebration of the Advent story and makes a truly unique Christmas gift for pastors, friends and fellow art lovers. The Advent Triptych is also available as a card.

    Poster Size: 30" x 24"
  • Price - $ 35
    Posters delivered in 2-3 days
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    For any questions, or to learn more about John's art,
    Contact:   Amy McKay   |   616-235-2929