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    Story of Ruth Book, by Joan Chittister, Art by John August Swanson
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    The Story of Ruth  12 Moments in Every Womans Life
    By Joan Chittister, Art by John August Swanson
    In this beautiful book celebrated artist John August Swanson and best-seller author Joan Chittister together reclaim the powerful biblical story of Ruth as a model for contemporary women seeking a fully spiritual life.
    In concert with Swanson's rich and evocative art, Chittister's graceful prose explores, through this powerful biblical story, a series of twelve defining moments in every woman's life - moments of loss, change, transformation, aging, independence, respect, recognition, insight, empowerment, self-definition, invisibility, and fulfillment.
    A lovely blend of art and text, The Story of Ruth offers inspiration for women seeking wholeness and presents compelling devotional images for eyes and mind alike.
    - 9.5" x 7.75" Book
    - 92 Page Soft Cover
    - Full Color Images of Original Art by John August Swanson