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Matt Plescher   |   Creative Calligraphy

  • Matt Plescher is a talented artist who creates striking, contemporary calligraphy from his own unique vision. He brings his experience as a professional sign painter, graphic designer, illustrator and painter to his creative, unique method of calligraphy. He was raised near Grand Rapids, Michigan and is a graduate of Calvin College. After college, Plescher spent many years in Alaska, skiing and hiking the backcountry wilderness. It was there that Plescher met his wife began a family. Since returning to Grand Rapids, Plescher has worked extensively in book design, printmaking, illustration, painting, and calligraphy.

  • Matt Plescher, I Lift My Eyes Giclee Print, Biblical Scripture in Calligraphy
    Transitions IV, by Matt Plescher, Giclee Print at Eyekons
    I Have Called You, a Giclee Print by Matt Plescher, Affordable Fine Art Reproductions available at Biblical Scripture in Calligraphy
    Archival Prints on Fine Art Paper
    Beautiful Giclee Prints of the art of Matt Plescher - printed on Fine Art Paper, and signed by the artist.
  • Matt Plescher, Biblical Scripture in Calligraphy, If you want Peace, work for Justice
    Matt Plescher, Biblical Scripture in Calligraphy, God is our Refuge
    Matt Plescher, Biblical Scripture in Calligraphy, If you want Justice, work for Beauty
    Bulletins - Powerpoint - Web
    Eyekons Church Image Bank features Matt Plescher's art as stock images for churches and in an inspired collection of thematic CDs.
  • Philippians 1, by Timothy R. Botts, Biblical Scripture in Calligraphy
    Images for Books, Magazines,
    Brochures, Web & Digital Media
    Eyekons offers Matt Plescher's Calligraphic Art as stock images for publishers, designers & advertising agencies.