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The Good Syrian   |   Joel Schoon-Tanis
When art is painted through eyes of faith
it can be a prophetic voice that points to truth.
Fine Art Giclee Prints available for sale of The Good Syrian painting by Joel-Schoon-Tanis with 50% of all sales donated to support refugees through Partners Relief & Development and the Reformed Church in America World Relief.
Buy a Print - Support Refugees
Remember - Jesus was a Refugee
I hope this painting encourages people to ask the question, “Who is my neighbor?” Based on a composition by Vincent VanGogh, my painting re-examines the parable of the Good Samaritan and re-contextualizes its message into today’s tribal world.
In this case it is the “Good Syrian” who helps the distressed man with the Confederate flag tattoo, as the indifferent bystander walks off into the distance absorbed in their smart phone. I hope this painting will provide some insight into the question “Who is my neighbor?” in this complex global world we live in.
By purchasing and sharing a print of my painting you can help others open the conversation and explore this question while also supporting refugees in need.
~ Joel Schoon-Tanis
50% of Profits will be donated to support refugees through:
Partners Relief & Development
“What we want for our own children, we want for other children.”
Partners goes where politics or violence prevents compassion. They focus on three things: emergency relief,
sustainable development & education with a special focus on the most vulnerable: children and mothers.
Reformed Church in America World Relief
RCA World Relief a church denomination for which Joel has long family history in global mission work.
Joel Schoon-Tanis, The Good Syrian Giclee Print available for purchase at Eyekons
  • 8.5" x 11" Poster Print
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    Epson Premium Matt Paper
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  • 11" x 14" Fine Art Print
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    Fine Art Paper
    $ 60.00
  • 13" x 19" Fine Art Print
    Printed on Fine Art Paper
    Hand Signed by the Artist
    $ 95.00
    Thank you for your support!
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    When "Christian" Art is a threat to National Security
    About Joel Tanis
    Joel Schoon-Tanis has written and illustrated a handful of books (most recent is “40: The Biblical Story interpreted by Joel Schoon-Tanis”). Joel has painted murals all over the world including Kenya, Zambia, Palestine and the exotic terrain of northern Wisconsin. He’s painted close to a gazillion paintings in his career (OK, maybe half a gazillion) and shown them all over the U.S. In the past year he has created art for a great craft brewery, illustrated a book on the Last Supper (coming this summer), painted on the separation wall in Bethlehem, and had his art presented to the Pope. He lives in Holland, Michigan with three really smart and spunky girls.