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  • Divine Encounters CD Collection by Julie Quinn, Church Projection Images, Backgrounds & Powerpoint, available at Eyekons Church Image Bank
  • Divine Encounters CD   by Julie Quinn
    Images for Projection & Powerpoint Backgrounds
    Julie Quinn uses the forms of calligraphy as her prayer language and her work becomes a creative act of praise. She uses color, shape and surface to create beautiful abstract images that resonant with a rich, spiritual energy. To Julie, art is a visual prayer, an artistic dialogue with God. Her abstract Christian art explores the intangible dimensions of faith and belief with great beauty and insight.


    •    25 Images of Original Art

    •    Backgrounds for Projection Images & Powerpoint

    •    Sized to 1024px by 768px @ 150dpi

    •    Artist Statement by Julie Quinn


    Divine Encounters CD

    by Julie Quinn

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